How To Resolve Intra-Team Conflicts At Work

Conflicts are unavoidable in organizations with teams as their base! It can be stated that an organizations may not be functioning efficiently in the absence of conflicts! Despite the many negative aspects associated with conflicts, they have the positive ability to build up teams and organizations, if resolved successfully.

The Emirati work teams are prone to conflicts. Being culturally, ethnically, and socially different, the teams are bound to experience conflicts in personal or organizational contexts.

Since teams are important building blocks of organizations, conflicts tend to affect how the business functions. It becomes critical for team to help with conflict resolution within teams.

Effective training requires experts in the field! Opt for expert conflict management training to train your team managers in and resolution of conflicts.

The article highlights how managers can resolve intra-team conflicts at workplace.

How to resolve intra-team conflicts

Regardless of the type of conflicts in organizations, resolution becomes important. Without the right resolution, the conflicting organizational teams may not be able to work for the firm’s success. Read the article below to know how team managers can contribute towards conflict resolution in teams:

Listen carefully and identify the cause

Regardless of the number of conflicting parties, it’s essential for the team manager to listen to each party carefully and objectively. By bringing thoughts into words, there is a higher chance to communicate the actual reason for the conflict, making it easier to resolve.

Providing an unbiased platform allows employees to voice their concerns without the fear of getting ridiculed. When both parties convey their sides; the managers can identify the cause of the problem. Identifying the problem is the foundation of resolving issues!

Encourage diversity acceptance and resolve issues

Once the problems have been identified, it’s essential to acknowledge the differences between the parties and work towards a solution. Regardless of how complicated the problems may see, there is always a way to reduce conflicts and reach a conclusion that both parties will agree on. It’s important to suggest a change for both parties that could resolve issues in their favor.

Highlight importance of compromise in solutions

Conflict resolution between team members are often personal and may take a long time to resolve completely. It’s critical to teach both parties the importance of compromising and reaching a solution that all parties agree on. Problem-solving should be extended to the parties, to involve both of them in finding the right solution for the problems.

Commend both parties

Appreciation and acknowledgement remain critical when employees accept the solution provided. Reward them if possible, to encourage a positive culture about resolving team conflicts!

Take Away

Interdepartmental conflicts are common, however teams are the essential building blocks of organizations, and any conflicts between the individuals may be due to personal reasons. Regardless of the reason, resolution is important as it allows teams to forget about their differences and work towards the common goal; successful operation of the organization!

Resolutions of conflicts in teams require expertise, and if your team managers are lacking, opt for the best corporate training in Dubai to train your managers and create robust teams, that acknowledge and work with their differences!

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