Here is How to Deal With an Underperforming Employee at Your Firm

According to the Emirati law, it’s possible for employers to dismiss their workers without notice if they fail to perform their basic duties mentioned in the contract of employment and in case they keep violating these terms. But with so much being spent on employees throughout their employment period in the shape of training and other investments, it seems impractical to let them go!

Instead, why not understand why the employee is behaving a certain way? Your employees have been a part of your company for a long time and it’s essential to determine the reason for their underperformance. Underperforming corporate employees may be an indication of a lack of critical features of the firm.

It is not always hopeless; however, a little understanding of their environment, acknowledgement and the right training courses Dubai may help enhance employee productivity a great deal. The article highlights effective ways to deal with an underperforming employee and to help them become the best versions of themselves.

How to deal with an underperforming employee

It may be some external stress or lack of motivation to perform the job any more, but an underperforming employee isn’t just an underperformer. They can manage to discourage the whole team and lead the company to the falls. Read on to know effective ways to cater to such deal with such employees:

Five Ways To Deal With Underperformers

Pay heed to external factors

It’s possible that your employee has always been the best performer and has recently started having problems with their productivity. This change could be due to an external factor or issue that needs consideration.

Relationship issues, coworker issues, or a new child; ask around for any changes the employee has been going through to understand why they may be distracted at work! In addition, if the employee has been with you for a long time, it’s possible they feel underappreciated, which makes the next point critical.

Show them how they fit in the company’s mission

Many times employees are unsure why they’re a part of a company. The inability to understand their role may also be contributing to their unmotivated self.  It’s essential to convey to your employees how important they are to the company and how their work is contributing to success.

Get to know them

Inquire about their future goals while at the company and understand where they would like to go from their current position. In short, understand what motivates them.

Organize fun events and activities to get to know your employees better. Ask about their long term goals, their vision relevant to their career and what they expect from the company to treat employees better. The answers to these questions can help develop an understanding of how they can be motivated and how you can be the one to do it!

Follow up with the performance

Any changes are seldom effective in the absence of follow-ups. Make sure you follow up with your underperforming employees after the implementation of each of the points mentioned above. Periodic assessments not only keep their performance in check but also show changes or a lack of change on time, before it’s too late! Be the best performance coach ever.

Opt for the right training

Many times an employee underperforms because they lack the right skills. For example, a novice placed in a leadership role, human resource personnel placed in the Sales team, the Emirati corporate industry is full of such examples where employees are given roles they don’t have the skills for.

But it’s not a problem! The most effective sessions with the best training companies can help out employees. Opt for the best Ignite training courses Dubai and allow your employees to polish the required skills for the job.

Take Away for Underperformers

An underperforming employee may discourage the entire workforce, which is why it is important to recognize underperformers on time and ensure that their needs are catered to. If the employee lacks specific skills, the right training sessions can help immensely in developing them.

In addition, training sessions can also work to streamline the efforts of your employees and create productive individuals. You know what they say, “A happy workforce is a productive workforce!”

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