Leaders are made not born – Video

All the heads, bosses, in any organization are not born heads, or bosses but they are made leaders with proper training and development, education and guidance.Here we cover how every leader is not born leader but actually they are made leaders through series of leadership learning and development programs and job roles.    

Executive Functioning Skills for Sales Team – All You Need To Know

List of executive functioning skills for sales workforce

Life is full of attractions and distractions. Therefore, the individuals have to come up with essential skills to scrutinize the elements of focus to perform better in personal or professional life. So, focusing on something related to work with a lot of information flowing inside the brain requires effective switching and concentration. The case is […]

How to Increase Accountability in the Workplace?

How to Increase Accountability in the Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation where people go like “at least make yourself accountable?” Accountability is a big word, but it is an essential part of the working place. The primary meaning of accountability is taking responsibility for your actions. Taking responsibility is not a bad idea for the elements when you have […]

How To Resolve Intra-Team Conflicts At Work

How To Resolve Intra-Team Conflicts At Work

Conflicts are unavoidable in organizations with teams as their base! It can be stated that an organizations may not be functioning efficiently in the absence of conflicts! Despite the many negative aspects associated with conflicts, they have the positive ability to build up teams and organizations, if resolved successfully. The Emirati work teams are prone […]

Essential Tips For Training Employees On Work Ethics

Essential Tips For Training Employees On Work Ethics

Most people spend most of their day at their workplace, and they expect a standardized treatment from the management. There are several moral standards which both employees and organizations have to keep up for a safe and productive workplace environment. Workplaces are tricky to discuss or train for morality and professional ethics because it is […]

Five Ways To Deal With Underperforming Employee At Your Firm

Here is How to Deal With an Underperforming Employee at Your Firm

According to the Emirati law, it’s possible for employers to dismiss their workers without notice if they fail to perform their basic duties mentioned in the contract of employment and in case they keep violating these terms. But with so much being spent on employees throughout their employment period in the shape of training and […]

Why Companies In UAE Need Team Building Activities

The Benefits of Team Building Activities in Dubai UAE

The importance of team building activities in UAE can be gauged from the fact that many huge companies focus on such activities to build interaction and trust within their teams. International companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Salesforce and renowned companies of the UAE like Careem and Emirates; almost all large and small enterprise carry […]

Why Is It Important To Improve Interpersonal Skills In The Workplace?

Interpersonal Skills in the workplace

Generally, it is thought that people know their personality, but in most cases, it is done through personal perception. It can be a false impression unless personal characteristics are evaluated objectively. In this way, a process of personal improvement is triggered through the assessment and development of interpersonal skills. In the corporate sector, it is […]

Jigsaw Discovery Tool Ensures Effective Employee Training

Jigsaw Tool for Effective Employees Training

Till now, almost everyone is clearly aware of the importance of training for the workforce. However, for those who are still lagging in the larch of confusion, it is a fact that professional growth is detrimental to the success of any corporate. Not only this, rough estimations of an employee in the corporate sector have […]

All You Need To Know About Facilitation Skills Training For Employees

Facilitation Skills Training Course

Training has become the need of the day and employees are looking for some training programs to enhance their personal and professional skills. Training your employees is essential because Zig Ziglar said it precisely “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not to train them and keep them” Keeping this in […]